Work From Home -VIP Kid Review & How To

Teaching English abroad is an old concept, but VIP Kid, an innovative company in China, has created a way to teach English online!  You now can teach English online to sweet kids in China from the comfort of your home.  Or if you’re like me and travel a lot, you can teach from the comfort of your hotel!  The beauty of it is that you can make it work with your schedule and your needs while still earning good money.

It’s really a job for almost anyone.  Are you a college graduate wanting to travel?  Maybe you’re a stay at home mom who wants to make extra money? Or you could be a teacher making extra money on the weekends and over the summer.  I promise that I doubted the goodness of this when I stumbled upon it four months ago, but alas, I was proven otherwise.

Let me tell why you should do it and then I’ll tell you how you can do it.

Why You Should Work With VIP Kid to Teach English

  1. VIP Kid is flexible.  Depending on your flexibility, the hours are pretty flexible as well.  I live in EST zone, so Beijing is 12 hours ahead of me.  If I teach at 9:30 at night, it’s 9:30 in the morning there which works.
  2. VIP Kid makes it easy. There is no prepping of lessons outside of looking over the content and making sure you have the props to teach it.  There are no Title I forms, attendance forms, discipline forms, report cards, copies to make, things to cut, etc.  Just teach English.
  3. VIP Kid has sweet, well-behaved kids. For the most part.  There are reward systems and parent communication opportunities, but you’re teaching ONE kid for 25 minutes.  Many times, the kids parents are sitting right there making sure they are working and learning.
  4. VIP Kid pays fairly well. It won’t make you rich, but neither is being a stay at home mom, traveling college student, or a teacher.  I’ve made over $300 each month since the first month.  I could make more if I wanted to.  For the most part, it’s been fairly easy to make that each month and not work a ton of extra hours.
  5. VIP Kid makes it easy. I’m not repeating myself.  It’s easy this time because I can do it wearing my yoga pants in between watching the Bachelorette and going to sleep.  Or first thing Saturday morning for an hour or so and then go to brunch.  I just need an internet connection, my headphones, a couple of props and I’m good to go.  No traffic, no uniform, no drama.

The Drawbacks of VIP Kid

I have a short list for this.   The hours might be hard to adjust to if you are going to do this full-time or really commit to making larger extra cash (1000+).  You might be working til 1 a.m. or up at 5 a.m.  Their summer break is also a slower season.  Last, it’s a little difficult getting feedback on your performance and growth.

Not enough to really hold you back, right?  You don’t need an education degree and you don’t need experience teaching English.  You need you to believe in yourself and just go for it.

What You Need To Do to Become a VIP Kid English Teacher

Step 1 – Submit your resume: use key words on your resume and put them at the top.  Click HERE to begin the hiring process.

I did not realize that it was hard to get your application accepted.  I have taught reading and English for over 10 years and have a Masters in English education.  Hence, VIP Kid accepted my application immediately.  However, if you don’t, you’re still good. There are a TON of people who don’t have those qualifications and get accepted.  Be sure to include any type of teaching you’ve done whether it’s volunteer, internships, or paid.

  1. Volunteer work – Bible studies, Sunday School, swim camps, reading to kindergartners, after school programs, etc. (i.e. taught 2nd graders weekly Bible lessons, taught math at an after school program, taught chess)
  2. Paid experience – internships, tutoring, coaching, etc. (i.e. , coached cheer for three years, taught students for a semester)
  3. Use this referral code. 02G9N7 or click HERE to start the process

By using this link or referral code, it connects you to me, and I get a small nominal “bonus” for connecting you with VIP Kid at no cost to you or me.  Thanks so much!

Step 2 – Prepare for the demo lesson/interview.

  1. Watch videos on You Tube. I highly recommend watching and listening to these videos to help you prepare.  They gave great tips about the most important things VIP Kid is looking for when they interview a candidate.  I have two of the best ones here.  (68% of your pay is determined from the demo lesson!) VIP Kid – Getting Hired Video and VIP Kid – Tips & Tricks
  2. Watch the VIP Kid videos about phonics sounds, TPR, and tips they give you.
  3. Practice the demo lesson that you’ll be teaching. Watch the time and make sure you’re not rushing it or that you talk so much it goes over.
  4. Focus on these criteria. Speak slowly, be animated with gestures (TPR), use props if you can, speak clearly with concise words and not a thick accent (I’m in the South where some people can transform the word ‘take’ into a two-syllable word!).
  5. Check your technology. Make sure you have all the tech working.  Test your laptop, headphones, and internet connection.  Last, check for good lighting and lack of shadows.
  6. Smile a lot!

VIP kid will determine how much to pay you from this portion of the process.  It’s so important to shine here!  However, once you do shine and ace it, you still need to complete the next steps.

Step 3 – Prepare for the Mock Class.

Recently, VIP changed the process.  You now have a chance to either be a teacher for lower level classes, higher level, or both.  Here is some information straight from VIP Kid.  I also included a great link HERE for you to watch on this part of the hiring process.

From VIP Kid

1)   Level-Specific Mock Classes

From now on, after the mock class stage, candidates will be certified to teach specific levels based on their mock class performance.

 2)   The old Mock Class 2 PPT will be the new mock class 1 PPT.

Candidates start by teaching the Letter X PPT for 12 minutes, have 10 to 15 minutes for feedback, then teach Level 5 PPT also wrapping up with a feedback for this level. They will be assessed with two different rubrics. If they pass for Beginner levels, they will start teaching these levels and after 100 classes, they may apply for a new level certification. The same happens in case they pass for Intermediate levels. If none of the levels’ performance stood out, they will only be invited for a second Mock Class.

 The results of the mock class 1 can be:

  •          Pass both levels: candidate is able to teach both lower and upper level classes
  •          Pass only lower level: candidate is able to teach only lower level classes
  •          Pass only upper level: candidate is able to teach only upper level classes
  •          Go to Mock Class 2: we would like the candidate to take another mock class in the level that the candidate performed best during mock class 1.

 3) Mock Class 2 PPT will be level specific:

         -If best performance in MC 1 was lower level, candidates will teach a Level 2 class. The class will be Letter P.

         -If best performance in MC 1 was upper level, candidates will teach an upper level class. The class will be Earth, our Home, which is about environmental protection.

 The results of the Mock Class 2 can be:

         -Pass to teach either lower or upper level, depending on the Mock Class 2 that the candidate just taught


 Candidates will receive feedback when they pass OR fail the process so that they can improve if they want to reapply.

Step 4 – Ask questions and get feedback.

If you have any questions, please reach out to me on my blog.  Although not an expert, I can definitely answer most of them about VIP Kids, and any about phonics and teaching English!  We can even do a trial run on Skype if you want (at no charge).  I’d love to help you have the same experience.

There is a ton more I can tell you, but I want to encourage you to start with these basic things.  Because it took me a while to find all of this information out, I wanted to help you skip the time and get to the money!  Plus, encourage any of you out there who might be on the fence about it.  It’s so worth your time. This is my third month of teaching, and every month I’ve made over $300 with minimal hours.

Now you know how great it is, so click HERE to start! You’ll see that VIP Kid has so many easy and great ways to earn a little cash that is no cost to you or your time.

Good luck with VIP Kid!  You’ll do great!