How To Find Certainty in Uncertain Times

Have you heard the quote that the only thing you can be certain of is uncertainty?  You are either coming out of it, heading into it, or know someone who is in the middle of it.  Is it your health?  Your child’s health?  Your job?  Your marriage?  Your singleness?  Whatever it is I know you can relate to the lesson I got last weekend with my husband…

As we left our car in the parking lot, I made the comment “I have no idea where to start”.  There were no less than three trails in addition to the one on the other side of the street.  My husband, exasperated by the situation, reminded me that he didn’t either.  He had suggested that I look at the map earlier.

We had decided to forego our normal church service time and use the warm weather to explore a nearby state park we recently learned of.  On the way, D had asked me to look at the map and figure out which trail to take to the top of the mountain.  I DID go to the website.  I just didn’t see a need to look at the maps.

So there we were – beginning our day-of-fun-and-exploration with frustration and confusion.

Quite honestly, the thrill of figuring it all out was a little invigorating to me.  We’d figure it out as we went.  I knew there were signs.  I knew it was a safe, public park.  I knew there was a mountain to climb.  We would make it and we would be okay.

My husband didn’t quite see things with the same eyes.  He saw me accusing him of not knowing where to go.  He saw trails that could get us lost.  He saw a mountain he had to hike, and he didn’t want to spend all day getting there!

The end of the story is that we conquered that mountain.  We breathed the fresh air you don’t always have in our large city, and we soaked in the views.  We exercised, talked, laughed, and explored.

Side note:  Because we took the longer option to the mountain, we might have had a longer walk back to the car – and to water – but I still contend that it was not necessarily the longest option.

Two and a half hours later, we arrived at our car.

Details.  We were FINE.  A little exercise never hurt anyone…

Thinking about this journey that began with a little excitement, a little frustration, and a little confusion, I thought how so many of us are on a part of our journey of life that is just like that.

The future seems uncertain.  Shaky.  Unknown…could be for your job, your health, a family member’s health, being single, your marriage or the future of our country.

We can feel frustrated because we want to know the right path to take or just know what’s down the path. Or frustration can set in when it seems like there is no answer around the bend.

We can feel confused with all of the options and little time to make a decision.  Or confused because this thing wasn’t supposed to be part of the journey.

Let’s be honest.  We want to see the map – the options, the beginning, the end, and the shorter routes.   We want to know the map, not the Map Maker.

Good News Sharing:  He is the designer of our life.  He designed the map, knows the map, and sees the map.  He is good.  He says that He knows the plans for you.  Plans to prosper you and not to harm you.  To give you hope and a future.

This does not mean that we shouldn’t be sad over a loss, a change, or a void we feel.  We can approach this uncertain future with the same feelings we approached our mountain exploration.

Go to God with those feelings.  Express frustration, confusion, tears and fears.  Spend time in prayer and talk with our good, good Father.  He understands.  He loves you.

Our view at the top of the mountain! We will make it to the top of the mountain in His perfect timing.

Have faith.  He will provide guideposts, and He will keep you secure.  Remember that He designed the map and His plans for you are good.

Keep Walking.  Take the next step, whatever that looks like in your life.  Keep moving forward.  Be intentional with your steps, but more importantly, walk with Him.

When you walk the journey with Him, you will make it to the top of the mountain in His perfect timing.

I might be uncertain of my future, but I am certain of my Father.  On my life map, there is a compass pointing to God.  That’s really all I need to keep walking.




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