Meet Natalie

Hi there!  I’m Natalie Wilson.  As my blog title implies, I was freshly designed by God, both when I was born and years later! My life changed when I was 22.  I found freedom, joy, and love like I had never known.   He gave me a fresh start and a promise to keep hitting the “refresh” button on my life with His grace and love.

Ten years later, I learned that He also gives me the chance to design my life for great and for His glory.  I can choose to think of myself as a victim, or I can choose to live with a spirit of power and love.  It was around 33 that I finally started shedding the spirit of fear and started redesigning my life – my mindset, career, relationships, and my hobbies.

Shortly after, I met my now husband and am now doing things that I love to do for His glory and for a greater good.

I’m a fairly new wife, step-mom of teens (!), an academic coach, a self-proclaimed Dora the Explorer, and someone who grew up as a military “brat”.  I’m the middle child of three girls – bless my dad!  And have lived in the South for most of my life…which is why I am addicted to sweet tea.

I’m completely obsessed with shows like The Biggest Loser.  Why?  Because I love a good redemption story.  I love watching people rise up against their beliefs, fears, and challenges to fight and turn around their life.  I love watching the old become new.  For people to heal emotionally and spiritually, as well as physically, and grow.

When I’m not watching a show that I can learn something from, I am traveling, exercising, cooking healthy, or teaching/coaching in some capacity.  In addition to coaching students, parents, and teachers about academics, I have spoken to several college groups at Columbia University, Sarah Lawrence, and Georgia Tech, as well as a few high school groups in my hometown.  It is always an honor!

It is a bigger honor that you are here and are reading.  Hope that you find something that will encourage you to design a life you love and grow you in your faith journey!