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How to Create a Vision for a Thriving Marriage

What three words would you say describe your marriage?  If you can, write them down or add them to the notes in your phone.  Now, what three words do you want to describe your marriage? Are they the same?  George Bernard Shaw said this, “Take […]

When Looking For Love, Check Your Standards

A few months ago, a Christian woman in her 20s and I were discussing dating. Her girlfriends often seem to say yes to any guy that asks just so they don’t have to sit at home lonely on a Friday night.  My new friend seemed […]

Loss in Life – Your Platform or Your Prison

Will a loss in life be a blessing or a curse? Your platform or your prison?

My heart is a little overwhelmed right now.  Yours might be too.  What do you do with a loss in life?  Especially when it is a loss of life?  In the past month, hurricanes have devastated thousands of lives.  Two close friends of mine are going through separations.  Children are living with cancer. And just last night, 59 innocent people died as they did something they loved to do…listen to country music.   These losses are unexpected, heart breaking, and life-changing.

Quite honestly, I can’t imagine what so many people are going through.  Words can’t describe.

My losses in life have not been that intense or tragic.  And knowing that, I have an almost guilty feeling that my loss is just the perceived loss of a dream to have my own child.  Seems relatively small.

And more than that, I feel almost embarrassed that I lost years of my life thinking I was a victim because I wasn’t married with a family.  I thought the rest of the world moved on without me.

I know I’m not alone on this.  You or someone you know may struggle with being single, not having kids, being divorced, being overweight, or some other life circumstance that causes them to see themselves as a victim. (more…)

Fresh eating: Dairy Free, Nut Free Chia Pudding Bowl

Anyone else love food?  Food that tastes good and feels good?  This creamy & dreamy chia pudding bowl is just that, and you can build it to fit your tastes and health choices!  If you can eat tree nuts (I can’t), you can sub the […]

Your Life Has Purpose Even If…

“Your life is valuable and full of purpose even if you don’t have kids.”  Those were the words from my friend, Lauren, after I expressed my conflicting feelings of having kids of my own at the age of 40.  It was a gentle sentence slap […]

How To Encourage Your Husband – A Lesson From Fixer Upper

Let’s just get this straight: little boys get to wear superhero capes and pjs, and grown men want to.  Isn’t that why there is a new superhero blockbuster every summer?!  My church’s current series is on heroes, so I’ve been thinking a lot about the concept of a hero.  Specifically, I’ve been thinking how the men in our lives want to be, can be, and are everyday heroes.  How much do we, as women, let them be?  How can we encourage them to be?  To be men of strength.  Men of courage.  Men of love. Heroes.

If you consider what it is to be an everyday hero – men to be strong, courageous, and loving – we need them.  Perhaps if there were more of them, the world may have less abandoned children and abused women.  Or simply men who are confident that God made them to be every day heroes for every day people.

Back to the question: how can we encourage them to be that?  As we are sinners saved by grace, there is hope that we can.  There are also women who are leading by example.  One of them is Joanna Gaines.

Joanna is well-known for the hit show Fixer Upper that she and her husband, Chip, star in.  But although the show is about redeeming old houses and transforming them to their glory, I learned a different lesson from her.  (more…)

How To Find Certainty in Uncertain Times

Have you heard the quote that the only thing you can be certain of is uncertainty?  You are either coming out of it, heading into it, or know someone who is in the middle of it.  Is it your health?  Your child’s health?  Your job?  […]

Do You Ever Struggle Finding Your Self-Worth?

Do you remember middle school?  Gaw!  It’s like the breeding ground for low self-worth!  You compare yourself, for better or for worse, with all the other girls.  You begin to find your worthiness  in popularity, cheer teams, grades, boys’ attention, and friends.  Don’t EVEN get […]

7 Smart Things to Do to Find A Husband – Your Forever Love

Find your forever love

Dating is a funny concept.  The 13 year-old girls I used to teach always told stories about the boys they were “dating”.  Dating?  Really?  I’m pretty sure your mother would shut down your phone if she found out you texted anything – remotelysuggestive.  Ba-bye.

And then you experience the college dating scene.

As you date in college, though, you’re most likely both poor and eating Ramen, and most of the time you’re still figuring out what you want “to do with your life”.  Or you’re so focused on your career path, you don’t want to be distracted by dating.  ‘Cuz who’s got time for that?

Move on to your 20s, post-college time and for many women, especially Christian women, you hope to marry in the next decade.  Surely the good Lord can provide you a husband by then.  It’s not really asking a lot.  You graduated.  You have a somewhat steady job. (more…)

Living with Intention

Have you ever seen a roundabout?  Specifically the European roundabout?  It’s the intersection that forces drivers to yield to the traffic already circling, and then for the driver to do a hop out of the circle.  Kind of like double Dutch jump rope but with […]